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Weather in Kössen

Current Weather Report

You are looking forward to your next family holidays at Hochkössen. One important detail is still missing: What's the weather like at  Kaiserwinkl? Here you get all the important facts about the current weather situation and weather forecast for the coming days at a glance!  

The weather in the valley

-3 / 2 °C
Frequent snowfall and snow mixed with rain towards evening.
0 / 6 °C
Rain and snow showers at daybreak, then mostly dry with occasional sunshine.
0 / 4 °C
Thick clouds with widespread snowfall and rain for all of the day.

The weather on the mountain

-10 / -1 °C
Dull throughout the day. Snowfall will increase more and more.
-3 / 4 °C
Light snowfall in the early morning, but most of the day will be dry.
-7 / -2 °C
Dull throughout the day with light snowfall every once in a while.