Big Fischer raffle on the Kasberg
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Fischer raffle on the Kasberg

You din't get a new ski at christmas? Then try your luck on the Kasberg and take part in the big Fischer competition.

For all guests who visit us during the week in January, we have a big competition.
The prize is:

°RC ONE men's ski (177)
°RC4SC Ladies ski (155)
°CURVE PRO children's ski (140)

as well as backpacks and bags from Fischer

How can you take part?

Every Mon-Fri from 10.01.2021 until the end of January (every Mon-Fri) you will receive a raffle ticket at the box office when you buy a ticket. This raffle ticket must be marked with your name and telephone number and thrown into a raffle box.
Please like and spread the word so you all have a chance to win these great prizes.

Conditions of participation:

Anyone who has written their number and name legibly on the ticket, is over 18 years old and the winners will be contacted personally on Tuesday 01.02.22 can take part. If prizes remain because the winner does not contact us, there will be another competition in March. You will of course be informed here on Facebook.

There will be no cash redemption. The legal process is excluded